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About 3editions

3editions is a contemporary online art & design gallery selling everything from affordable art and canvas prints to exclusive fine art pieces, represented by the best artists around the globe.

We have carefully categorized the wide spectrum of art & design into three editions namely Open Editions, Limited Editions & Original Editions; hence our brand 3editions. Whether it’s contemporary art (or sometimes known as modern art to most) pieces or the classic paintings that you are looking for, either to decorate your space or art pieces you might be looking to invest, we want to be that authority for you to go to when it comes to art & design, this is our vision.

Anyone in the creative industry can share their work as a piece of art online here at 3editions. They can be a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Painter or even a Typographer; our online art gallery allows them to showcase their form of arts through decorative or wall art that we believe generates the best kind of awareness for these artists.

Having 3 categories of art also creates aspiration and as well as targeting the right kind of art to the right people. Say for instance, digital art design types of art will appeal to a younger set of consumers while the collectors and mature art enthusiasts would source out rare limited editions and fine art paintings. Ultimately we believe there is an artwork for everyone and anyone should be able to afford their own pieces of artwork.

Happy viewing our art & design gallery and start collecting your art pieces today!